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Hose & Fittings

Our nozzles are designed to our specifications for peak performance, and they offer a wide selection so you can pick the nozzle best suited for a particular task. Three basic types are available: straight-bore, ven-turi and angle nozzles.

Straight-bore nozzles concentrate the grit pattern and are best for reaching deep recesses and spot blast-ing. Shorter models are best for close-up work; longer versions are used for distances over one foot.

Venturi nozzles accelerate grit to higher velocities for more impact while fanning out the pattern for uniform and wide coverage. As a result, they perform work much faster and consume 20% less media on a typical job. Angle nozzles, which turn the blast stream around a corner, are applied on the interior of pipes, cylin-ders and other hard-to-reach surfaces.

All SuperBlast nozzles feature 1-1/4”, machined-brass or hard-anodized threads to prevent galling and assure a secure fit for added safety and durability. Nozzle jack-ets are available in urethane, aluminum or brass. Your choice of liner materials includes silicon carbide, boron carbide and Di-Carb™ (high-grade tungsten carbide).

Empire SafeStrip™ portables are designed specifically to handle fine, light media used in the cleaning and stripping of delicate substrates. SafeStrip portables quickly and safely remove old coatings, dirt, oil, cor-rosion and other unwanted residues from soft metals, rubber, plastics and other sensitive surfaces. They are ideal for work on statues, monuments, machinery and molds, and in many other applications requiring a
“light touch.”

Our premium blast hose withstands abuse and is consistently sized for easier mating with hose couplings. We offer tank couplings for a secure fit with the media regulator. Our nozzle couplings, also available in quick-connect style, are threaded for a square fit. Quick-snap couplings provide fast connect to primary hose or extensions. Our pressure tester gives an accurate reading at the nozzle. Wet-blast heads suppress dust by enveloping the blast spray with a fine water mist. The Sure-Flo pinch tube (bottom right) is highly durable and easy to replace in the field.