Sandblasting/Bullard Air Flow Hoods

Bullard Air Flow Hoods

Operator Safety Gear

We offer a complete line of equipment and clothing to protect your operator and other people close to blasting operations. To be effective, however, this gear must be properly applied and maintained. All devic-es affecting breathing-air quality—including filters, alarms and the air source—should be inspected and serviced regularly, particularly when a multi-purpose compressor is used to supply breathing air.
You can purchase our safety gear as individual items or as a package when you buy an Empire blaster. All Empire safety equipment is NIOSH approved to com-ply with OSHA when the operator is fully equipped.

Safety In Summary
• Make sure the operator is receiving grade “D” breathing air as described in the Compressed Gas Association commodity specifications G-7.1, 1996.
• Provide clothing which protects the eyes, face, hands and body from blast ricochet.
• Employ a control system that shuts down automatically when the trigger is released.
• Assure pressure vessel is ASME certified.
• Do not use silica sand as an abrasive.
• Keep other personnel a safe distance from blasting operations or provide them with adequate safety gear.


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