Industrial Products/Riveters

Impact Wrenches

These rivet hammers are among the most popular for aircraft riveting. Easily controlled, slow, heavy blows deliver just the right impact to form the rivet head without excessively work hardening the rivet or stretching the surrounding metal. Also handy for light chipping, scraping, metal cutting, peening and other hammering applications. All riveters are equipped with quick change and beehive retainer springs and feature removable front bushings. Most parts are interchangeable with chicago Pneumatic 2X, 3X, 4X and cP-4444 series riveters.

Optional Handles

Needle Scalar Attachment

For standard 0.498″ shank riveters. 3mmx12 Replacement Needles


Nail Driving Attachments

Ideal for dry dock construction, retaining wall construction, decks, fences and beam construction. Designed to increase production while reducing operator fatigue.