Industrial Products/Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal

One component, ready for use metal putty, filled with selected original metals for quick, small repairs, surface protection and maintenance of pipes, containers, coolers, radiators, profiles, castings etc.
The tough-liquid special putties can be applied by putty knife, spatula or similar; the spot to be repaired should be clean and dry. Larger (deeper) defects can be repaired by applying several layers. The first layer should have hardened before the next is applied.
The applied metal putty dries within approx. 30 minutes (after which the next layer can be applied in case of several layers) and cures fully within approx. 1 hour. (Referring to 20°C / + 68°F).

All metal putties show a good adaption to the basic metal after cure. Often, metal putties are used for the serious repair of small surface defects. Thickened metal putty can be thinned to required consistency using thinner. Thinner can also be used to dilute metal putties to a brushable consistency. Close tins well directly after use; metal putties and thinner are inflammable products (flashpoint below + 21°C / + 70°F).

Working Packs: Metal putty iron, steel or aluminum: 300 g tubes; 5 kg tins each


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