Our Divisions

Foundry Supply Source offers hundreds of supplies, products, and services to the Foundry industry in North America. 

Foundry Supplies

Our Foundry supplies offers an extensive selection of the important consumables crucial to your production.  There are common and specific products available for any typical sand foundry, Permanent Mold or Die casting shop.

Foundry Equipment

We stock and sell a tremendous variety of hand tools, pneumatic tools as well as new and used equipment of many sorts.  From Sand preparation to Molding equipment, Melting and Finishing… we have solutions. 


You will find we know the sandblasting business.  From the many available options for your blasting media, (Sands, Glass beads, Soda, and other exotics), to sand blast equipment and parts (including pots, hoses, nozzles, PPE, etc.)

Die Casting & Permanent Mold

We supply high quality coatings for both PM and Die casting applications.  We also stock and sell a wide range of components such as Pour Cups, Angle Brackets, Pins and Leaders, etc.

Industrial Products

We have a complete line of Hi Heat and Abrasion resistant apparel.  We also distribute the world famous LONN (air or water saver line). Hand sprayers of many styles, for applying most any product. 

 Need Something Custom?

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